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The market for regular land transportation has been developing rapidly over the past 15 years: legislation is changing, sales channels are changing, carriers are being digitized, the number of OTAs is growing.
Passengers are becoming more and more demanding. In the ground transportation segment, competition is increasing both within and with the aviation segment.

According to studies by the European Committee on Transport, 35% of passengers traveling on a business or leisure trip, after arriving at the first point of the trip, follow next.

Such transportation is a complex of services from carriers, bus stations, and other service companies.

Our goal is to help organize such a service and organize settlements with all market participants.


Any travel company in the world, or OTA, must be able not only to shape the trip, to sell, but all participants must provide their services and guaranteed to receive their funds.

Our solutions:

  • We consolidate all carriers into one contract for sellers;

  • For sellers, we increase the marginality / revenue side;

  • We will compensate for a part of the station tax to bus stations;

  • We increase the profitability of bus stations due to new services;

  • New overseas sales channels for carriers, as well as access to European carriers for sellers.

Support for Microsoft Startups

We are pleased to announce that our Mobility Partners Inc. received a grant from Microsoft Startups in the amount of$275,000. This is great news for our team that is working to create innovative mobility solutions.

This grant will give us the opportunity to expand our operations and improve our product. We will be able to provide higher quality services and lower prices for our customers. Our goal is to make mobility more accessible and convenient for everyone.

We are grateful to Microsoft Startups for supporting our company and our mission. We look forward to demonstrating our new capabilities to our customers and partners. Stay connected to learn about new developments at Mobility Partners Inc.

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